Are you Faithful through and through?

No one can be under any illusion as to what I think about a certain section of our support.

They are spoiled, bed wetting children who cannot handle defeat. It’s plain as the nose on anyone’s face.

Mixed in with these people, and winding them right up, are hundercover timposters. If you don’t get that reference you’re an idiot, but just in case, I will explain it. We have certain people on social media claiming to be Celtic fans when in fact they are Scums of Struth Sevco fans.

Again it is blatantly obvious.

Now they have turned their attention on to Neil Lennon and Scott Brown recently but in the past they have latched onto the hatred that some of our panty wetters have for Peter Lawwell.

Peter Lawwell has come in for stick repeatedly over the past few years. Even though he is, beyond any question, they most successful CEO in Celtic and Scottish football history.

Now he has been accused of not spending enough and being too much a fan of picking players himself…. Even if this is true one would normally look at his success and say “he is doing a good job”.

Not our fans and not the enemy fans winding them up.

Now take the enemy fans first… Some say this is paranoia, but when you have countries like Iran and Russia who use social media to interfere in American elections, with people like Dominic cummings manipulating social media for his own ends do you really think it is beyond Hun scum to do the same? Do you really think it is beyond the realms of possibility that all our enemies, press and authorities, would be behind it?

I have said before that the issue our fans have with Peter Lawwell is that he is a Celtic fan and they believe that because he is a fan and is CEO then they should be allowed to take the job because they are fans and “it’s just not fair”.

Similar indeed to those who are criticising Neil Lennon. They actually believe they know more about their respective jobs than these two experts.

It’s deluded nonsense.

Now in the summer we had many of these “Celtic fans” insisting that at least one player, usually Eduoard, would be sold and we wouldn’t replace. They claimed that we needed a dominant Centre half and we would cheap out on it.

None of this happened…we bought well…and they said “ah ok it must have been Dermot Desmond who ok’d that” a man they say isn’t interested. Just so no credit can be given to Peter Lawwell.

Similar now to Lennon, the positives are the players doing what they do and the negatives are all Neil Lennon. Oh and all of our signings are terrible now.

Now it cannot go unnoticed that they are using similar tactics to both men.

Their successes not relevant ever but any negative issue is to be used against them..when there are far more successes than mistakes.

Celtic released figures today, something that the Scums of Struth at Ibrox refuse to do, ours get pored over and again are successful, yes there has been a hit, but every club will take a hit this year. Already some of these fake fans are going on about how debt has increased and that isn’t good, but forgetting the layout for players and not selling anyone.

It’s a destabilisation tactic.

This destabilisation works, obviously, because we get these complete over reactions from fans.

The level of hatred for Peter Lawwell and now Neil Lennon is such that if you offered these fans, and I mean the actual Celtic bed wetter fans, losing 10IAR with both men sacked they would agree. It would legitimise them and their outlook and view on Celtic.

Again this is led by the bloggers who are running businesses on the back of Celtic, the club they love, to justify their media degree’s. By slaughtering these men, who have given service and success to Celtic, they get extra pennies when their adverts pop up.

These same bloggers have a go at other clubs fans and go on about what they post on their sites, and how their fans groups fleece fans, and their over reactions to things yet when we have a drop in form they behave like this.

Celtic fans in the last 20 years know nothing but success since the year 2000 we have won 15 of 20 titles never mind the cups.

Peter Lawwell and Neil Lennon have been an integral and vital part of that yet there is hatred for them from our own fans.

To paraphrase Tom English “the club don’t need the support when they are winning game after game, they need your support when they have a dip”

Prove you are a Celtic supporter, faithful through and through.

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