Am open letter, a plea to UEFA

Dear UEFA,

Recently the new Scottish football premier league champions, currently known as The Rangers Football Club, were embroiled in a very public,and very high profile racism case.

It was alleged that Glen Kamara was racially abused in their European home leg against Slavia Prague Ondrej Kudela being accusef of calling Glen Kamara a “f***ing monkey”.

After investigation, taking into account only verbal statements from players and officials in the vicinty of the incident, Ondrej Kudela was found guilty.

And rightly, after this verdict, handed a 10 match ban.

This issue caused a great storm in Scotland, as you can imagine, with authorities and local media up in arms regarding this appalling racist behaviour. One would say the were correct to.

However footage, with clear audio, has emerged over this recent weekend from Ibrox park, where the same club, The Rangers Football club, were involved in a Scottish cup match against St Johnstone Football club, allowing us to hear a member of either The Rangers Football club players or management team saying “you having a fucking orgasm,ya Fenian cunt” .

Fenian being a racist term for someone of, or suspected of, being from Irish descent.

You may ask how anyone can be sure it is part of The Rangers Football club players or management team and this can be answeres by the fact the no fans are allowed onto stadiums at Scottish games, due to the Covid pandemic.

This is applying racism and must, surely, be dealt with in the same manner, especially given that there is video/audio footage.

This footage can be found here

Normally, as I understand it, this would be a matter for local football, possibly Police, authorities. However, specifically in this matter, these authorities, especially football, are not fit for purpose.

These authorities have repeatedly and shamefully allowed this behavior from this club for 12 years, since their inception. From their fans, from players also, and from coaching staff, on and off the pitch.

The level of anti Irish Racism which exists in Scottish football is vile and abhorrent, yet I, we, who are from Irish stock, have no protection from this.

A game which brings the people’s of the world together and has, most recently, stood shoulder to shoulder with the Black lived matter movement allows, in Scotland, hatred of a minority to be expressed by fans and now players and/or coaching staff of a club.

Therefore I urge and plead with UEFA to investigate this matter, where Scottish football authorities will not. Show the “global game” that we ARE indeed all equal.

I would value and encourage your response.

Would Jose Mourinho come to us to piss people off?

If Jose Mourinho is interested and we can get a deal done they answer needs to be YES.

Anyone saying different is a moron.

The arguments against him DO NOT STAND UP…here is why.

He hasn’t achieved the same success as he did early in his career! Well who could? Jeebus…. It was astonishing… absolutely could that have been maintained? However when you consider what our brats think of our domination?? Can you be surprised that’s what they think?

He would demand too much transfer fees and wages! Well..our brats have been saying for years we don’t do enough in that department.???? If it’s there, though, are you going to say no? Has he demanded it or was he offered it? I don’t take JM As anyone who demands anything he doesn’t think he can get, I never have.

He is a “Dinosaur” Bollocks. Heard this about Rafa link too. Both guys are amongst the most intelligent and adaptive mangers on the planet. Will they take money, if it’s there, yes, who wouldn’t?

Not tactically aware! One of the most tactically aware managers in the past 3 decades. Not up for debate.

Too defensive! No.. tactically astute (links to last issue) Scotland he would be miles ahead .and Celfic on Counter in Europe…. Think Porto. Think how BR embarssed us!!

He won’t come! This is a matter of opinion. I think he would. At the UEFA cup final in 2003 he expressed feeling for our club, publicity? Yes. But..he has respect for football…that has been shown this week. I think he would.

If…and it is a big IF…. we can…then we should. Before Eddie Howe every day of the week!!!

And part of me just knows…..he suits us….. Does he think we suit him?

Even just to piss people off????

Either way the ESL is a game changer!!

Will the Super League go ahead? I am not convinced , and I will explain why..but it has gone further than I ever expected.

I always thought this was a bargaining chip being laid out by these clubs every time a “Euro revamp” was discussed, so they would get a bigger slice of the pie.

However for them to be announcing dates and sponsorship is a big step and one wonders if they now HAVE to go ahead with it.

If it does go ahead there may well be benefits to smaller countries clubs, and yes Scotland’s clubs, Celtic.

UEFA and FIFA have to have bans and repurcussions for this. They must. Which means more Euro spots and, let’s be honest, they will have to throw money at it too. Celtic, Ajax and Bayern Munich (who aren’t getting involved even though invited) all have a better history and romanticism in Europe than Arsenal, Spurs and Chelsea. Bigger supports too, and if they have a fairer playing field it’s a game changer, if it goes ahead.

If it doesn’t go ahead, it’s still a game changer. The uproar from everywhere on this is astonishing. If these 12 clubs do not go through with it then they have over played their hand and UEFA cannot be seen to be giving in to their demands.

So smaller countries, like Scotland, can rightly stand up and say “it’s time to make this more equitable”.

Either way it’s a game changer.

Now as I said, I am not convinced this will happen, and here is why.

This has been driven by Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli, in a statement to the Stock exchange they said “we cannot guarantee the success of this venture and even if it is successful we are not able to confirm a start date”, paraphrased.

That speaks volumes. It’s a “get out” clause.

If this is a bargaining chip then they may have wildly overplayed their hand in this. Like many have during this pandemic.

The statement from the ESL stated that the pandemic was the reason they were doing this, it was mentioned three times in their statement.

More rich people using this situation to make more money, and fuck the consequences.

What is striking is that governments and royals are coming out to condemn this, yes no help where it is actually needed in society, but they are going to jump on this for popularity.

Would anyone be putting it past these cunts to be “oh look how we stopped this” to deflect from their criminal and unethical behaviour and increase their popularity? I certainly wouldn’t.

So more reasons, I feel, that this may be all a big con, another con, on the people.

It is, of course, ironic that SKY and the rest of English football is screaming about “fairness” and “greed”..SKY and the EPL relationship is the reason no money comes to Scotland for football TV. They have blocked every single opportunity and drop fed us buttons, to make sure we are no threat. Playing on the “unionist” connection with Ibrox, who have also blocked any attempt at TV money. They don’t need money, they can issue useless shares in their franchise. Excellent use of the PEST Analysis system but has destroyed Scottish football income.

Do I find it a little funny that they are now shitting themselves that they may have created a monster. Yes I do.

Like Mary Shelley described, Dr Victor Von Frankenstein had his regrets, you always do eventually

What we must be grateful for is real football people like Jose Mourinho and Jurgen Klopp, standing up against this from inside these very clubs. It is heartening.

As well as those fans, from these clubs, who are also vehmentely against this. It shows there is a belief out there that the game needs a revamp to a fairer playing field.

If THAT is what comes out of this then it may all be worth it.

“Our record in Europe” a Perspective

“Our record in Europe”…it’s an answer we get a lot from the brats.

They never actually elaborate in why they feel our record in Europe is so bad.

They sometimes come up with “we should be beating…” but, again, never tell us why they think that. It’s just a brattish, childish demand that they get their own way.

So, as I have done before, I will go through our record…facts…and explain why these people are stupid.

Now, some will say, “it’s an opinion…if they feel they should be getting further in Europe than they do” but that is an excuse for people to be wankers… Like racists ..”it’s my opinion”… Fuck that…if you have that opinion you are stupid.

Our European Record since season 2000/01 (co-incidentally that is roughly when Dermot Desmond took over) is this:

1 Final
1 1/4 final
17 Group stages
3 Last 16 of Champs League
4 Last 32 of Europa League 1 x Group win

Within that we have beaten, in individual ties and games, Barcelona on a couple of occasions, Juventus, Manchester United, Lazio home and away.

That is not the bad record that our brat cunts make out. There is no explanation for this “our record in Europe argument”. None.

But I will go on…..

Consider that record over the 20 year period…75% group stages is remarkable consistency, same 75% as we have won the title in the same period.

Given that the C/L is becoming harder to qualify for out-with the very top leagues…this attitude of expectation of getting to that stage every season is ridiculous.

We are not on a level playing field financially or technically.

Financially we have no TV money to speak of, we have to generate our own income from player sales, which means that we, inevitably, lose the players that are likely to take us up a level. This has an impact on the performance. If you don’t understand that you are wildly and completely stupid. If you do understand it and don’t take it into account or dismiss it completely you are an ignorant brat.

The teams, such as Scandinavian and Dutch, that we come up against who have similar financial issues have technically better domestic games. The step up, partly because we tend to sell on our better players, then becomes even more difficult.

The attitude of “give our better players money” is false and idiotic. We can’t match 80+k a week and the players want to move on, we are seen as a stepping stone. That is just the reality of the situation. We pay 60m a year in wages already. We don’t have infinite resources. You must see this has an impact.

Consider also the last time we were in the Group stages of C/L we were embarrassing. We were ripped to shreds. Is that what you want to see??

Now some will change their infantile argument and say “recent record” ok…let’s consider that.

Since season 2011/12 we have been in group stages football in Europe 10 times. From that we have qualified 4 times to last 32.

Again when you consider the technical and financial hinderance we have that is remarkable.

This issue cones back to one thing, our spoiled brat fans who simply don’t understand the realities of football and life. If we don’t win every game and trophy we enter then it’s failure.

They are a poisonous and destructive influence.

Any football club, at our level, that has a 75% consistency over a 20 year period is over-achieving.

This demand that we hit 100% is vile and disgusting. It’s un-achieveable.

Now am sure these wee clowns are reading this with ” we don’t accept mediocrity” running around the childlike brains…well define why those FACTS are “mediocre”?

These little cunts are more interested in the destruction of another club, even if it causes our own destruction, in the process.

This has been a poor, poor season. But one season like this in 20…while winning 75% of the titles and hitting markers in europe.

Like a lot of what happens at Celtic…Perspecetive needs to be had!!

So “we are all Neil Lennon” again?

I have watched the Neil Lennon video…His Mental Health being questioned.

I have been angry for months about how scumbag fans in the Celtic support attacked him. I expressed it repeatedly at the time.

I don’t know who that is in the video with him…but of it’s someone having a go at him and getting back what they deserved, can anyone blame Neil Lennon for doing this?.

For months these shameful human beings attacked his character, mental capacity and his “grip on reality”

If this is part of a Mental Health breakdown then these people played their fucking part.

I said at the time the attacks were out of line, personal and shameful.

But I see a lot of support on line for him now, same two faced cunts who were attacking him a few short months ago I would wager

Neil Lennon has had his demons, he has given a huge chunk of his personal and work life to Celtic and if this part of our support have caused this to happen, then they should not be welcomed by any other fan.

Neil Lennon is a strong guy, hopefully it’s just a guy out on the lash who had enough of a mouthy cunt and stepped up to him. We have all done it.

However this faux “care” that all these people are expressing is sickening.

Where were you when he needed you? Shameful.

Are we all Neil Lennon again then!!

Welcome back James Forrest

Welcome back James Forrest.

How we have missed him!!! (Notice that is NOT a question. It is a FACT)

As was pointed out on Twitter, we lost JF at two points behind with a game in hand, we lost the right hand side of our attack, and some of the left because he is excellent there too. It lost us options.

That was outwith the club’s control. Should, could, they have got someone in for a loan at least? Maybe? Maybe they tried..We won’t ever know and it’s moot now anyway.

But it had hugely negative impact on us, it was said at the time that injuries and other reasons for non availability was affecting us. Our brats and the thieves who want to control our finances used it for their own agenda.

Well I, and the others, were right and yesterday was proof. Losing players of the influence and quality can utterly destroy teams.

Now I know our wee childish brat cunts will respond with “we should have some quality cover in the squad”..not realistic, at the level we are at, domestically, you can’t have backup of the quality on the bench, they won’t like it.

Just to solidify my point about our spolied brat cunts, these are the fans who slaughtered JF, “not Celtic class” …”can’t get to the byline and cross”…it shows how little they understand about the game because JF is so, so much more than that.

Byline and cross is not his game, he doesn’t need that very basic quality, he is a technical footballer who makes good decisions, he can run with a ball, cut in, cut back then, moves off the ball into space for a second, third run, gets the ball back and assists or scores.

James Forrest has been and still is pivotal to us.

Let’s see how Sevco scum like playing against him over the coming weeks.

And getting him back now and into a rythm and pre-season for next season, is vital

We, I and others, have said for months that this season hasn’t been good, but the reaction of our vile and despicable brats has been unwarranted and undeserved.

This is further proof. I have no intention of letting you cunts forget it. Ever.

Brat cunts: “We know better than everyone”

People wonder why Celtic do so much in private.

Not promoting nothing stories as much as other clubs do.

Is it any wonder, however, when we have so many cunts in our own support who criticise, bitch, moan and behave, in general, like spoiled, entitled brats? Really, is it any wonder?

We already have a press corps who look for every possible negative aspect of the story towards us.

If we are negotiating a price, like ALL clubs do, we are cheap. If we are doing due process, we are taking too much time.

If we are negotiating with a manager we should give him the salary and the budget he wants…anything less it’s just “Celtic being cheap”.

Even though we have a 50m+ yearly wage bill, biggest by far in the country, our managers are usually the highest paid in the country and we pay reasonably well for transfers, regardless of what these clowns say. But it’s not enough.

Now we expect it from a press who despise us and we must expect it from scum club fans. but our own “fans”? no.

And no, you fuckin imbeciles, I am not saying don’t criticise, nor am I saying this has been a good season, what I am saying is consider how things actually are. What we do actually pay and how we do conduct business for the best interests of the club as a whole.

Now let’s take Eddie Howe. It is being reported, by a press who openly despise us, that things have hit “stumbling blocks” ..well that happens in negotiations. That’s life…that’s football…but our brats don’t like that. Too entitled to accept it.

If Eddie Howe is asking for his own backroom staff that is perfectly reasonable. He should get it, if the club can negotiate suitable recompense for guys who may still be in a job. Remember that because that is a “stumling block” for all clubs. That may be an issue but the club should make all reasonable attempts to get who the manager wants in his coaching team. Maybe even go a bit further to show some trust and back him early. If he is their man then they should do that.

But the new manager should not be hand picking his own boss. Certainly not without due diligence being done. If the club are happy to take Richard Hughes then fine but they should speak to him and others see if he fits the club.

And I am not against him being appointed either, cos I know some people read this and struggle with what I actually say…I repeat, I am not against Richard Hughes being appointed.

However It is not up to any employee to pick their own boss. That’s just basic common fucking sense.

It also seems that this has been thrown in by the Howe team at the last minute, “oh and by the way we want Richard Hughes as DoF”…well the club cannot be reasonably expected to simply acquiesce to that without proper checks and due diligence.

The DoF role is a link between the board and football manager. Yes they must have a good relationship with the manager but they MUST ALSO have a good relationship with the board. Any dimwit must see that.

These brat fans, assuming they aren’t Hundercover scum, led by cunts like @bhoysview on twitter want every piece of contro at the club handed over to Eddie Howe. That is not how it works.

But it fits with the pattern of wanting control handed over to people who shouldn’t have it, like getting these share clown groups on the board to steal money from the club.

How can anyone justify this being done on the demand of the prospective manager? “Oh by the way Richard I need you to speak to the board and tell them I need this, this and that….and if we don’t get it we can say it’s the board’s fault” …”ok Eddie you are my mate”.

Now that may not be how they operate but the club NEED TO CHECK THAT OUT.

What this, again, is all about is the entitlement and spoiled brat nature of these clowns in our support. They are too stupid to understand how it works but being this stupid also doesn’t allow them the sense to expect anything other than what they feel they are entitled to. Constant trophies and endless money. Immediate transfers for any price quoted. And their “messiah” manager getting everything he wants no questions asked. Spoiled, childish shite.

Eddie Howe has a decent coaching reputation. If the club, DD and the board, feel he is their man then I am behind him, they know a lot more about it than I do (unlike one twitter brat who said that DD doesn’t know as much as him, given his role at McDonalds, I assume, as Kevin the litter boy) however EH does not have any major trophies, his win rate is not fantastic and he has no European experience, now his win rate was good for the level he managed at but he would be expected to double that at Celtic and managers always have to start somewhere for European experience am perfectly happy to get on board with him, if he is the club’s choice however he should not be, automatically, handed the keys to the safe.He should not walk in thinking he gets everything he wants.

Take someone like Rafa Benitez, I can’t see him demanding his own mate as DoF, coaching staff yes, but DoF. No. Not without proper checks anyway. But apparently Celtic should just let Eddie Howe appoint people in senior management roles now.

So why should we just let Eddie Howe, any manager, have that right? No other group of fans would demand that of their club. None.

But as always our brat cunt, spoiled, entitled, childish fans know better, don’t they!!!

The Celtic Shared danger

The Celtic Shared group don’t like me.

Good. They are wankers.

“The big nasty man says bad things to us”…that is how you deal with spoiled brats, play them at their own game and level until they fuckin learn.

When these spoiled brats say things like “we wont respond to childish insults” what they actually mean is “we don’t have an answer to your points, you know it as much as we do, so we are running away”

The questions that these fuckwits wont, and can’t, answer:

What would you bunch of unqualified idiots have done different in the past 20 years of success under Dermot Desmond?

How would that have made the club more successful, given that we have had the most dominant two decades in our history? Indeed, Scottish football history.

Given the past 20 years European record, what would your strategy have made better?

What would you do in the future to achieve that, assuming you get your goal of financial control of Celtic?

Given that this group openly admit they want financial control, aren’t these questions perfectly pertinent?

The only things these clowns ever say is:

“We are a club like no other but the board don’t act like that” – Ok, Define that? Why aren’t they living up to those standards for you?

“We are run too much like a business, we should be different” – Why? How will that improve performance on and off the pitch?

“We want the small shareholder to have a say” – Why? What good will that do? How will be better?

“We should have buried the Ibrox club by now” – Why? Why should our business and football strategy be the destruction of someone else?

They don’t, and can’t answer these questions.

It boils down to this, these wankers see the success at Celtic, on and off the pitch (the financial success is well documented and I will go over the on pitch success in a minute) and they want a piece of the pie. That is what this is about.

They seen how easy it was for Craig Whyte and Charles Green to sell idiots a fantasy and they thought “we want some of that”. They see other clubs “Spend, Spend, Spend” with no apparent consequences and think it is viable and sustainable because they get one trophy and because the Daily Record tell them it’s all ok, and they think that any clown can do it.

These people would bankrupt the club.

I ask this, when Ibrox cheated and used EBT’s in the way that David Murray did, would we have been warned away from it, by these wankers, the same as Brian Quinn did with us? No. They would have pushed ahead and used that same strategy, putting us in the same financial mire that killed Rangers.

Is that what we want running our club? I fucking don’t.

The club does not belong to them.

This attitude that they have an entitlement to have a say is part of our whole spoiled brat, Green Brigade, wanna be ultra group who have only known success and see any defeat as proof that the club needs change “from top to bottom”.

That is demonstrably not true.

They are backed up by media degree clowns, like James Forrest and John Paul Dykes who think because they have a blog and podcast that they are famous. Who are, themselves, fleecing every person who goes onto their site for their “penny per click” shite. All fed to them by Phil MacGhiollabhain, who, since his original blog about the death of Rangers, hasn’t been right about anything until after the fact.

What these groups have done is use this season as a springboard. They claimed they “seen all this coming” No they did not not. Dermot Desmond was correct when he said “you are cunts and you don’t know what you are talking about, any of you who said they seen this coming is a fuckwit” I paraphrase there of course.

Use Shane Duffy as an example, for 2-3 seasons these very people screamed “Get Shane Duffy, bring him home, Celtic through and through”….but as from this season “ah we knew he was shite why did Lennon get him, it’s all Lennon’s fault”.

Remember also, these are the people who wound up idiots into a froth after we had dropped 4 POINTS, I REPEAT, 4 FUCKING 4 POINTS.

That is when those animals chased the bus and THAT is what started the slump we never recovered from. And this group, led by GB, supported by the “Blog leaders” were responsible for that.

Now if that sounds like a bit of a rant, good. This needs to be said and we need to know the seriousness of this. This group, and any others like them, are a dangerous element within the support and if they get a foothold in the boardroom, in any way, they will threaten the club’s existence.

I am gonna finish this off with the juxtaposition of the Celtic record on the field over the past 2 decades, domestic and Europe (because they say “Europe is the measure” don’t they), compare that in your thoughts to how it squares with what this group, and the others, say “Celtic need change from top to bottom, we are run worse than we were under the White’s and Kelly’s, we fail every year in Europe”


Since season 2000/01 Celtic have won the following domestically:

15 League titles

10 Scottish Cups

8 League Cups

Within that domination we have gone a full season unbeaten in any competition, Invincibles. Added to that we have achieved an unprecedented, and very likely, never to be achieved again 4 TREBLES IN A ROW. That is not “just what we should be doing” as these groups say. That is astonishing. In any competitive team sport you NEVER get that level of consistency or domination. It is unheard of.

But it isn’t good enough, is it?


Since season 2000/01 Celtic’s European record is this:

1 X European final

1 X European 1/4 final

3 X Champions League last 16

4 X Europa League last 32

14 X Champions league Group

5 X Europa League Group

Within that we topped a Europa League group, beating a very strong Lazio side home and away. Given our domestic game’s lack of finance and its lack of technical level our European record is strong, in fact we there is an argument we over-achieve. We very rarely do not get group stages, and we have almost 50% record of latter stages. That is not the “terrible record” these idiots want us to believe.

Consider with that, how financially secure we are, we have been able to manage the financial security while being successful on the pitch at the same time, all while we have no real TV income to speak of.

How is this a badly run football club?

What they are playing on is the entitlement that a large section of the Celtic support have. Who see anything other than a treble every year as failure, only “winning European trophies” count. It is unrealistic, childish shite.

This share push from these groups comes from a group of individuals, unqualified idiots, trying to make a buck. They want a piece of the pie. Possibly part of the glory too. If they get any financial say at Celtic they will push and push the financial boundaries to breaking point, possibly past, and they will then blame others, same as happened at other clubs, and they will walk away with their pay off and no consequences.

The next manager and moving forward

So the Celtic manager post is beginning to come to its conclusion.

For those amongst our support who have been bemoaning the time it has taken, the brats, you need to get a grip, grow up, grow a pair or…well whatever statement you want to apply to get you to understand that these things are not done on your timetable. You are a customer, fan, possibly a shareholder, yes, but in essence you are an unqualified idiot who doesn’t know the football or business world in any meaningful way.

Your assertions over this season, and which continue on, intimate that you think you know more about football and Business than Neil Lennon, Peter Lawwell and Dermot Desmond. You fucking don’t.

Dermot Desmond’s statement recently was well worded, he is a very intelligent man after all, but in principle it said “we know its been a shit season, we get it, we didn’t react correctly but you bunch of clowns in the media and fans are all talking shite when you say you seen all this coming, you are a bunch of wankers, I know more about this than you idiots and you need to fuck off”. That was his point I think. And it was spot on.

Anyway now that is out of the way lets get to the point.

The next Celtic manager.

First off, I don’t know for a fact who it is going to be, I am going to pass opinions in this piece, they are my opinions and I will back them up with why I think it. I couldn’t give the first or last fuck if you agree or not, feel free to express your opinion back, but don’t think I care. I really don’t. Remember I am not The Celtic Blog or a podcaster or any of the click bait sites who are so desperate for your approval and clicks to get the advertising hits up. I do this for no income. I am not a media student graduate who can’t get a desk next to Keith Jackson.

As I write this the current odds on managers are:

Now, anyone with half aa brain knows that these odds work on the bets that are placed, not insider knowledge, it is usually the very last 24 hours before an announcement that any major knowledge comes in, I refer back to Brendan Rogers who, until the last 24 hours prior to the announcement, was out at 10/1 still in some places and we were told by press wallopers “no you can’t get him”. These odds mean nothing other than who is likely in the running.

It would be remiss here to not consider what I think is obvious in that the management structure of the football department is changing. The club want to implement a DoF. I think its the way forward, I wasn’t always totally on board with that structure at a club the size of Celtic but as a man who learns and grows I feel it is the way forward now, it works at big clubs that has been proven. It gives clear lines of demarcation and boundaries, if implemented correctly, and allows the technical football staff to concentrate on the playing of the game while the DoF can act as that link between the football dept and the board. What doesn’t work in these structures is putting some “name” in place to give them a job, who causes more problems than they are worth.

When you consider it, Jock Brown’s role at Celtic under Fergus was a pre-curser to this role, given what we now know about how he, and the club, was being treated by the Scottish media, you wonder if that could have been a successful appointment, it does seem, with hindsight, that it is what Fergus was trying to implement. Anyway, I digress.

Given this is the way the club want to proceed, this must be taken into account.

It looks very much as if Fergal Harkin will be the DoF. He has a good record at Man City, he has a relationship with Dermot Desmond, remember that because I will come back to it later, and his knowledge of Man City is strong, Man City are a club, I think, Celtic are trying to model their structure on. I do n ot mean they will eb a feeder club or an academy, I mean they want to implement the successful football and business structure that Man City have. That strikes me that Fergal Harkin will be DoF.

So, in considering the options we must take that into account.

Firstly the No’s

John Kennedy

No. He should be nowhere near it. There is enough anecdotal evidence and rumours that he has not been a good influence in that dressing room since Ronny Delia was in charge. He seems to cause splits in the dressing room. He may be an “excellent coach” as so many have said but if he is a prick then that can cause more harm than good. I am utterly convinced it was JK who was leaking team sheets these past few years. The suspicion of these things alone is enough. No.

Roy Keane

In the press so much recently, he obviously wants it, wants back into the game with anyone I think. Yes he will give you passion but is a decade out too long? Yes I think so. Is Roy Kean the type of man who will want to work under DoF? I cant see that. I think RK is telling the world he wants a job again more to say ” I was linked with the Celtic job” so a Middlesbrough or some other shite English team will jump at him. Not for me.

So many of our fans buy into the shite they read in the SMSM about Keane and Kennedy and their “relationship” with DD, especially the Irish connection and it is na├»ve to say that, at times, that doesn’t seem to have played a part however successful businessmen don’t employ people because “they are my pals” they do also have sound business reasons, while also thinking “I can trust this guy because I know him”…which is where Fergal Harkin comes back into play, this relationship does exist there and that, I believe, makes the “Roy Keane will get because he is Irish” claim more ridiculous than normal.

Eddie Howe

I am not an Eddie Howe fan, I believe he is a “sexy name” that so many of our brats are buying into. He has no experience at a demanding club. He was good at Bournemouth as they didn’t expect a damn thing from him. When he did step “up” to Burnley he was a complete failure. Imagine the pressure of our support who see 4 trebles in a row as nothing and anything less than 5 nil wins as “failure”. No. Even under a DoF. No. For me the same as Chris Wilder, in that list, the pedigree is not there, the real pressure.

The fantasy appointments

Rafa Benitez

The man we should have fought for harder when Brendan Rogers left. If he is still a possibility, as he said he was then, then we should go for him. I believe the club fits him as much as he would fit us, yes there may be an issue with transfer funds, he has been used to big budgets, but maybe contacts, through a DoF, with big clubs in England can appease this. He is not “a dinosaur” as some have said, I think in referring to his age, his pedigree is extraordinary, his European football knowledge and record is quite superb, which is a demand the brats make. He has worked under a DoF like structure before so I don’t think that would be an issue. What if?

Roberto Martinez

Again linked with us more than once. Not available until after the Euros though, is that too late? His wife is Scottish and it may appeal to them to live here for a bit again, he played at Motherwell so does have a knowledge of the structure and type of game played here. Shaun Maloney is of course with him, that’s a pull. The club/person relationship would fit. His links with tope European clubs would be an asset. Again…what if?

So, yes they are fantasy appointments. It does happen.

The realistic appointment

Enzo Maresca

He has consistently been linked with this since day one. In fact it was rumoured that even if we had done 10 this season that this was on the cards, PL was always going to leave with NL behind him and this structure, with these individuals, would be brought in. He has a strong reputation at the Man City academy, his relationship with Fergal Harkin (whose title at Man City is “Football Partnerships and Pathways Manager”) would be a huge advantage in implementing the structure Celtic want to build. Celtic do need to be bringing team ream ready talent through, like all of our brats say “smaller clubs than use perform better in Champions League” ..its because they have a core of young talent from academy level then the salaries and transfers can be spent on more “blue chip” signings. Enzo Maresca knows how to do that. I think it is him and its would be an excellent appointment for me.

What our brats need to accept, and I include The Celtic Trust clowns and any other group that wants “small shareholders to have the power”, is that “Spend, Spend, Spend” is not a sustainable formula, it always ends up in tears, gambling and spending money you don’t have is not how to run a football club. We have been bombarded for years with this “why can’t Celtic spend money”…then Covid came along and we were not forced into selling players, although it hasn’t worked in the long run for one season, but we are not in financial difficulty like others. Stop believing what you read in the Daily Record and from other clubs.

The other thing our brats need to do is say this to themselves “whoever gets the job, even if I don’t agree with it, I will support them as they are the manager of the football team I claim I love”… I will do that. I guarantee that. What I wont do is actively want us to lose, abuse the manager or the board, chase a bus after dropping 4 points an generally be a spoiled, despicable brat. Consider for one moment that you brats don’t know football as much as the people at Celtic Football Club, they have more experience, skills and intelligence than you, me and everyone not in the game. When you accept that you begin to accept that whoever gets the job they, and the board, might just know something you don’t.

Do that and we can all move forward.

Would anyone stand Should to Shoulder with Celtic

I have been quiet for a time. Life often gets in the way of educating dimwits.

However the recent issues around racism need to be addressed.

Firstly anyone, anywhere who racially abuses another human being is a scumbag of Despicable proportions. Full stop. It’s that simple.

The banner that Slavia Prague fans displayed was Despicable and the club should be hammered by UEFA.

If Glen Kamara was racially abused then, again, it is Despicable and the player and club should be hammered.

However it is perfectly legitimate to question if he has been or not. The player accused has denied it and no one else heard it. Are we simply to believe all accusations of racism are true? Don’t we still accept “innocent until proven guilty”?

It is also legitimate to question this particular club, Sevco, in their stance against “racism” all of a sudden.

Their fans sing anti Irish songs as a matter of course. This is racism. Their fans are often caught being racist to many different cultures.

The club never, ever raises this. They do not want this part of their fans to be quieted as it is their core support. It is not a minority. It is a majority.

And those who don’t like it or don’t take part accept it as part of their “culture”.

Anti Irish racists. Anyone who is not seen as British and throw in Catholics to cover religious bigotry too, are all accepted at Ibrox.

The media ar complicit in this they refuse to discuss the matter, except when Ibrox are the victims of course.

The club themselves are being sued just now by an ex-emolpyee, an Albanian, who claims he was racially abused at his work. That was printed in the media within 36 hours of the Glen Kamara incident. That is no would have been supressed to this day had that issue not happened against Slavia Prague.

Before Rangers died and Sevco were born, while I was growing up in the 80’s we were told “you are just as bad as each other”…”you both sing racist and bigoted songs” that was never true. It was part of the the ploy by Ibrox and the press to allow them to keep up with their hatred.

An old and current tactic “never mind is what about them”.

It’s this attitude that still stands in Scottish football and Scottish society about anything connected with Ibrox.

It can be seen with the abuse issues too, even their statement of apology essentially said “we weren’t as bad as other clubs but sorry anyway”.

The authorities need to grow some fucking balls on this. Start issuing points deductions. It will stop overnight.

However Celtic have a responsibility here too. As from next season if we hear one racist song or chant when we play them we should walking off the pitch..let’s see who stands shoulder to shoulder with us then?