Constant negativity towards the club from our own fans needs to stop

The Celtic board get far too much criticism from our own fans. In any measurable way Celtic is the most successfully run team and club in modern Scottish football history. Anyone who denies that is a moron.

We now have some halfwits on Twitter claiming that anyone who spends money at the club is the only reason for the financial stability.

The corporate and financial system that is run successfully is just magically there. It’s not run by people. No one decides what accounts and bills should be paid. No one organises the salaries of staff or the monies to be sent to corporate partners.

No…you buy your ST, TV subscription, merchandise and it goes into one big pot (because no one is there to organise bank accounts) and it is sent by magic to the right place.

This is the level of halfwittery we have in the Celtic support.

High level corporate finance takes many years, study and qualifications to get even the most rudimentary understanding of. Add in the cesspit of financial issues in professional football and you must have a high financial and administrative understanding to be involved.

You do not need to like people on the Celtic board. Be jealous if you want (he earns too much money) but this attitude that our brats have, that they could do a betterjob, is patently ludicrous.

Over the 2 decades of this board. They have cemented and maintained the financial security and well-being of the club.

They have invested in the team and infrastructure so that we have utterly dominated Scottish football.

In all if these tangible ways this is demonstrably true.

Have they been perfect. By no means. No organisation. No football club. No individual is always perfect or successful. Which is what our fuckwit brats seem to demand.

Work is being done on the structure and in the boardroom. These things do take time. Patience, however, is not something spoiled children have.

The board do need to appoint a CEO and DoF quicker than they seem to want to however given the recent misjudgement, again not perfect, maybe they want to make sure they get it right.

The CEO needs to be first then they, the board and the manager need to look at DoF options. The manager should be involved but not making the final decision. Like previous applicants wanted.

I am no expert but the CEO should be in before the next transfer window… possibly the DoF too. It would be a big ask though to get two high level appointments in together and get them bang on.

So no one is saying everything is perfect but this catastrophising and hatred of the board is moronic. It needs to be slapped down.

This element of our support are poisonous and toxic. They are no better than the supporter groups at Ibrox who say everything is wonderful when it clearly isn’t.

Constantly saying everything is terrible when it clearly isn’t is just as bad.