Stand back. Watch. Don’t Interrupt.

You really have to hand it to Sevco sometimes.

Oh, not on the pitch. They are shit…nowhere near as good as the ego they have.

And not ‘holding on’ to a title winning squad, that’s been spin to cover up the idiotic prices they want and that their players are on C, D and E lists for any decent club.

No I mean how they can go from a press corps who swoon and fawn over evey piece of drivel that is spouted from Ibrox to actually being called out on their racism and religious hatred.

Remember this has being going on, and ignored, for 150 years (over two franchises), yet in the space of a week, the press were all over them after the derby remember, they utterly destroy all their press and organisational protection.

Really, you have to admire that level of fucking up.

From the Orangeman employed by the club through the Heart and Hand morons to some random South African drunk and ending with the club actually backing them up!!

Now we have the minority of Sevco fans trying to limit the damage and promote the anti-racist views that they have, well intentioned yes, but what happens? They are attacked on social media by the racist majority. Who would have thought!!

To make this sort of situation worse, as they have done, in the space of a week is a fuck up beyond compare.

A few, me included, have said to follow Napoleon on this ‘when you see your enemy making a mistake, do not interrupt them’..has been so true, but also incredibly entertaining.

This started with their idiot Orangeman. Remember they heralded him as a super hero…’dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah…. DUP BOY has arrived to save the day from all the evil press’…. this halfwit believed that the whole of Scottish football and press were against this idiotic club.

Rather than keep the status quo he attempted to get them to pay for access, ‘oh how wonderful’ he was hailed by the masses, ‘this will control content, we can lie more’.

Even the SMSM knew they could not do this, I have no doubt they wanted to but they knew they couldn’t agree. This would be too dangerous a precedent.

Rather than attack right away the SMSM gave them time to rethink. The press approached, begged for access ‘please we want to write good things about you’. The response being, of course, NO SURRENDER.

Now the majority of the SMSM are morons, all of them are liars and back up an idealogical view to sell papers and clickbait. None of them deserve the title ‘Journalist’. What you cannot deny, though, is they are expert at vindictiveness and attacking as a pack when the time is right.

This is what they have done. To deny that the financial demand for access isn’t playing its part here us moronic.

That was Ibrox mistake. We stood back and watched.

To have picked THIS ISSUE surprises me, because now that can of worms is open, it is not closing again.

The SMSM now cannot back off and say ‘oh its OK now’…when the relationship is fixed and they are back to bending over. It can’t be done. It would be all to obvious then they are on their side, as they always have been.

Sevco cannot, now, remove that 25k demand. That would be seen for what it would be, a plea to ‘please stop calling us on this’.

Sevco won’t do that. They have backed their media partners. They are putting their support behind racists.

Another mistake. Stand back and watch.

David Edgar genuinely feels that if he goes to court on this a judge will say ‘oh he was racist a few years ago, well that justifies you being racist, case dismissed’..this man is a moron.

This argument that he, and the majority of sevco fans have, is that every other issue, racism, religious hatred, uncouth songs, swearing…any statement online they don’t like or agree with should ALL be dealt with and eradicated from society first then, and only then, should anyone dare question them on their behaviour.

What they fail to realise is that these behaviours they question are from a very small minority of fans at other football clubs and indeed society as a whole however it is the MAJORITY at Ibrox, even those who do not take part in this behaviour, implicitly agree with it as they see it as “part of their culture”.

The mistakes will keep piling up, stand back and watch what David Edgar does when he gets a chance to talk to Gerrard at the weekend. I suspect this will be entertaining.

Then, when these halfwits actually get together inside a stadium? Wow, that will be interesting.

What he, Orangeman and the club do not seem to realise is that this cannot stop here. Yes the Racism and Anti-Catholic stance they have is what needs to be addressed but the next story may cause much more immediate damage. Close Brothers have issued a final demand, Hector is sniffing about and Mike Ashley has gone nowhere.

These issues have all but been ignored by the SMSM, to protect them, and when they have been discussed they have been spun as success stories, however the next one wont be, you see the SMSM can ignore the ravings of David Edgar, he is a halfwit, they can call him “fan media”. They can ignore the animals online and at the ground.

What they wont ignore is their precious club backing the attacks on them.

The organisation’s themselves, they have to back their staff. Duty of care.

The individuals, they will attack, oh Chris Jack will back up his club all the time, but the rest will come out fighting, they always do, if they back off once then they have to the next time, they know that.

The thing with making that first mistake is you have to admit it and then sit sown and re-group, limit the damage, not these fans, they just keep going with the same behaviours.

Stand back. Watch. Don’t interrupt