The World is watching

The interpretation of racist phrases and attitudes has changed and is being called out all over the world now.

Scotland is not immune to this and now we know neither are our racist SMSM.

Hugh Keevins showed himself up for the man he is. He has always been an appalling journalist. Never about the truth, always about his friends and keeping his pockets lined. Now wee see that under that he is, at best, an ignorant moron. At worst, a despicable and contemptible racist.

To say that racism was not an issue or was less than an issue now is beyond stupid. As James Forrest at The Celtic blog said, ask the Windrush generation, ask the Pakistani and Indian families who came to the “mother country” to live a better life and were openly and disgustingly abused by a majority of people. Halfwit.

And, Fuck his meaningless apology, I do not believe he meant one word of it, I am convinced both Bauer media and the Daily Record told him to put that out.

However, the after effect of this has been quite extraordinary and soul inspiring.

The world has picked this up.

In part because we have a Greek/Australian manager, the Greeks and Australians, I live in Perth, have taken what happened and utterly slaughtered our press over this, and the one place that this emanates from. Ibrox.

But mainly because the level of racism shown to Kyogo was utterly scandalous. It is sickening that more is not being made of this, will these halfwits be prosecuted, all of them, those egging the main halfwit on too, will they?

Remember, he, and Keevins, have only apologised for others being offended and to the reputational damage to Supporter clubs and Ibrox. No one from Ibrox has apologised to anyone, specifically and most shockingly not to Kyogo Furuhashj, this is a media control damage event for them. Nothing more. A club, remember, whose fans refuse to accept their black players taking the knee but were up in arms, rightly so, over Glen Kamara and the racism he received.

And the one official comment on the video was from a media guy saying “why was it filmed and sent online”..not “that is appalling”

The perpetrators should be prosecuted.

The Greek City Times nailed it. Right on the nipple.


As is stated in that article they are the only club that is ever involved in this, the racist attack on Kyogo is not an isolated incident, plenty of others have happened over the years, it has taken this for the world to take notice and it’s about time.

I repeat, No apology from Ibrox. Not even a lifetime ban.

“Oh sorry you are offended”…not “My behaviour was appalling”

Even how our press talk about and to our manager is wildly and offensively racist, talking to him about his” development” in the game  by playing in European tie, this guy has been in management 25 years and managed at the world cup, but a Greek/Aussie cant be developed unless he has managed in the UK or in a very limited number of European countries? That is the meaning behind these idiotic statements.

Alan Brazil recently referred to our manager on a national radio show as “Ange Cachagoogoo”..cos the funny foreign chap has a funny name. Another halfwit, backed up by childish tittering from Clown McCoist.

This is not new, Wim Jansen, Joe Venglos and Ronny Delia all received the same treatment from the press.

It has been hidden, in the main, because these guys were white European and its “not racist then is it”… same as with the Irish.

Which is where this is heading.

The anti-Irish racism, which is central to Ibrox, which is central even to Nicola Sturgeon and the current Scottish government is firmly in the firing line now. The world is now watching this.

Oh the usual whatabbouterry is coming out “ah what about the Nacho Novo song”….Not racist. Vile yes. Not racist.

“Oh what about Charlie Adam’s sisters underwear”… Not racist. Uncouth and ungentlemanly, not Racist.

These excuses no longer stand up. It is not as about both clubs being as bad as each other. That was a con pulled in the 60/70’s to justify the racism and acceptance of Ibrox, as the bastion of unionism in Scottish football, to promote and find it acceptable to sing about killing Irish people. Especially Catholic Irish people.

Remember Religious hatred is as illegal as Racial hatred. It’s a double whammy for these hate filled animals.

What they did, was say that their racist songs and lyrics were akin to singing songs about Irish independence, this was never true. However their press pals, which included the aforementioned Hugh Keevins, ran with it, and for 50 years it has been acceptable to say “we want to kill Irish catholics” and “we are up to our knees in fenian blood” because somehow, in Scotland that’s the same as “how dare you call me a terrorist, when you look down your gun” or “fuck your union Jack we want our country back”…it isn’t and it never has been.

This issue has been simmering for a while now. Certainly since the new Ibrox franchise were formed and the survival lie became live, they then felt they had cart blanche to sing what they want because Charles Green and every schyster afterwards has catered to the “orange pound” with the press, Keevins included, backing them up.

From Phil MacGiollabhain’s initial blog about the famine song this has been simmering and they have seen anti-racist stances as an attack on their “orange culture”.

Any fight against it is met with the usual attacks and threats, they have the BBC and ITV right in their pocket on this because of the threats. They have always had the written press.

We go into a game on Sunday against this club, with the potential of 50 thousand baying racists there, win, lose or draw their whole atmosphere is about anti-Irish racism. Even those who say “don’t tar us all with the same brush”…well you my have your chance to show your true colours here.

They may control what is said in Scotland about them but they can’t control the whole world, they might believe the empire still exists, but 65 countries have destroyed that, Greece (as an annexe) and Australia included.

The Orange unionists do not have their respect.

We do.

Our stance on this is right. It is ethical. It is Moral. It is legal.

The peoples of countries like Greece and Australia have, themselves, been on the end of such despicable racism all throughout their history. Japanese people now also see this.

The world is watching now.