Some are just the same as the others!!

The fear is palpable.

It has been noticed by all the Ange Postecoglu is no mug.

Even our dear Blog leaders, all hail, are seeing it.

Imagine a man with 25 years experience being composed and in charge…bet you don’t get that in Football manager.

Anyway… the press and Sevco fans, essentially the same people, are shitting themselves, they see structure, confidence, ability and all the other attributes in this man.

Wee Fud Ferguson wrote in the Daily shiterag that Celtic have made a great choice but it’s better for them than us??? That has fear ripping out of it.

Same as the wee Hun scum fans, watching the training vids and making childish idiotic comments…they are terrified.

They know we are in a position to strengthen. We can afford to access markets they can’t. This recent report that their bunch of second rates are worth more than Celtic players is utter shite. Those stats based reports never take into account realism in transfer markets nor do they take into account recent history in player development or the selling club history with players, nor the financial stability of the selling club. It is essentially “oh they won the title so all of their players are better”

They also know that the rampant cheating and government assistance of last season won’t happen, certainly not to the same extent.

When their first player is sent off wait for the howl from them.

I see our own wee brat halfwits are at it again too…a ‘peaceful’ demonstration putting the club on notice about Neil Lennon???

What the actual Fuck??

Firstly who are these scummy bastards to think they can put anyone on notice? Halfwit clowns.

And rather than support our new guy they want to keep the aggression up regarding the previous manger.

They are partly doing this because Ange has made such a good impression and these daft brats can’t admit they are wrong and want to keep the wailing up.

They are also doing it because the club engaged with them, when they should have told them to get fucked.

They believe they have a say now.

And when the club finally do tell them to fuck off it will make the tantrum louder.

Just like the sevco fans will when they have to play by the rules again, well as much as they have ever, they will wail longer and louder too.

Celtic Brats and Hun scum, cut from the same wood