Blog leaders and their poison of negativity

You know my feeling on these “blog leaders”.

They believe they speak for the fans they certainly do not speak for me.

They aren’t capable of speaking for me.

Read James “I want to be a journalist” Forrest’s latest piece on Ange Postecoglou.

He talks about how “He” has studied the league and results of Ange Potescoglu and “He” has concluded that AP’s successes mean nothing.

What the fuck does James Forrest know about that type data that Celtic, the board and sports and football organisations that they pay for, don’t?

If he knew the first fucking thing about it he wouldn’t have to write shite and attack a club he says he loves to get his “pennies for clicks” up.

You may see this as harsh… I do not care… It’s time this was said direct.

What halfwits like this do is think that they can win at FIFA and Football manager, so know tactics and know data..they don’t.

JF has been a huge pusher of how we need to “measure” ourselves in Europe, while bemoaning how we can’t change our style enough to do enough and that is all about the manager, well maybe this type of manager, with the risks involved, are what we need to do, because the risk and potential reward will have been gone over on this.

Remember this guy has been on the radar since February, he will have been checked out, with all due diligence done, my piece yesterday shows my opinion that EH was never coming and the board knew that…it was all a marketing ploy.

James Forrest is the very embodiment of the “throw all our money at it”’s all we have to do. Its childish shite.

That is the danger with these “blog leaders”…they whip up this belief that it’s all rotten because the club don’t take their opinion, the opinion of a halfwit, into account simply because that gets them a salary from the advertisers.

He highlights that “no one else has given him a chance”…so? What the fuck does that mean?

There is an attitude amongst all Europen, and specifically English and Scottish football that no one outside of Europe can make a good football manager in European leagues. That smacks of prejudice.

It’s a global game. But our manage should only come from the UK or Europe?

He discusses how he won one title in Japan but the other 2 he finished 9th and 12th…what he doesn’t mention in that piece is that Yokohama had one of the smallest budgets in the league and even one title was astonishing.

What he doesn’t go over is the style of football, high press, posession game. That all these wee bloggers and brats say we need to be playing. What he doesn’t mention is his links with the City group, a link that we have fostered over the years, a link that is an advantage to attract players and loans, and is part of the game now, wether he likes it or not.

These halfwit bloggers and their idiot GB spoiled brat pals are all pushing the “our Caixhinka appointment” narrative With the aim that one mistake…one result…. Will then have the effect of ramping the pressure up, and have similar scenes that we have had all season.

All so financial control can be wrestled from experts and successful people and given to thieves and morons.

And people like James Forrest want that, they want their “Celts for change” moment, they may even feel they will get a job in the press department of the club or even on the board??

Don’t think these people are in this for themselves on this. At the very least, they are making money from this.

And that means they cannot see past their own insular and small minded viewpoint…that they must get their way for the status quo, and their perks and “pennies for clicks” to stay high.

I will just re-itterate, there is risk in any appointment of a manager he does not tick all the boxes, neither did Howe, but this spin is, again, about this section of our support trying to get manager will be perfect…what these halfwits are doing though is ONLY looking at the negative..same as they have done all fucking season, they didn’t take any of the issues or previous success into account, everything was the board’s fault, no account taken about the things the Board had no influence on.

Remember these people pinned their Howe badge to their chest very early, that he backed out after given assurances shows how good their judgement is.

What these bloggers think they are clever at is throwing in a wee piece now and again that shows how “balanced” they are.

JF put one up recently about how Peter Lawwell wrote to the Scottish Government and asked for clarification on why Celfic were being invited into the discuss about Ibrox fans behaviour. Stating “it shows how he defends the club and fans, but it’s not always made public”…quite right. I agree. But then he juxtaposes that with how he thinks these same people are deliberately damaging the club by making an appointment he doesn’t agree with? That isn’t balanced. That’s “I don’t get my way then I will attack you, no matter what else I say”

I have often said that all football fans, especially those who bitch and moan about how their club is run, have a choice. Don’t support an organisation you have issues with. No one will miss you.

They won’t do that of course. They want to be involved with the success…but when it doesn’t go their way and/or they don’t understand a decision they become dangerous like this. They turn their back on a club, that for 20 years has dominated.

And that IS what they have done.