Brats band blog leaders have blood on their hands again.

I have been saying all season that the brats, being led by “blog leaders” have had a hand in a lot of the bad decisions and misfortune that has befallen Celtic this season.

A group of animals that chased a bus after the team dropped 4pts whipped up by the Celtic Blog and Phil Macghiollabhian who were convincing them that Celtic were the worst run football club in history.

Phil Macghiollabhian had been saying for 3 years that if Celfic did not win 10iar then it would and could only be their fault. No one else. Nothing else could be considered. Based in a deep jealousy and hatred of Peter Lawwell.

He got his wee BFF in James Forrest at the Celtic Blog to keep his tongue firmly lodged in his backside and whip up halfwit, wannabe ultras into attacking the bus. Oh it was never…it was more subtle. But it was there.

This was then augmented with the current push for idiot fans and thieves to get control of the shares at the club. This caused a push against the most successful club in the history of Scottish a fanbase of scum, filth, violent cunts.

It all culminated in this current Eddie Howe situation.

These brats, again pushed by these two blogs, wanted Howe. With their wee fanbase of ned ultras and GB familiars all espousing this can ONLY be the club at fault. Can’t be that EH just didn’t want to come after his pal said no. Gotta be Celtic.

“Get Howe, he is the bestest in the whole wide world and if you don’t get him it’s proof of what we are saying”

Well Celtic done everything they could. Even the Daily Record, the title that likes to put the cracked crest of Celfic on its back page, is backing up that the club have done everything. Even offering Eddie Howe his pick.of any other team, yet he, Howe, said no.

He gets all he wants or nothing. Same spoiled brat attitude of the scum who demanded him.

The statement from Celtic is it’s usual, responsible statement from a well run organisation. It doesn’t blame and bitch. It doesn’t start throwing grenades and blaming everything and everyone.

It’s considered and respectful. Let other clubs behave like that.

It’s basically says, “we tried out best, but shit happens”.

Thing is brats don’t get this. They are a generation, I don’t mean age, cos there are plenty of them my age and older, but they are a generation of fans in this recent time who are spoiled cunts and if it’s not they way they want it they bitch, moan and wail.

The are very like the fans of the club in Govan. They want Celtic to be like that club. They want us in debt. The Share thieves are proof of that. They want a statement every Friday exclaiming how everything is wonderful here and it’s everyone else that is at fault. They want us to spend every penny we have and millions borrowed for one trophy.

Phil Macghiollabhian and James Forrest repeatedly espoused that any “success” (one trophy) of Sevco would be the fault of Celtic as they should have “buried them”… It is not the responsibility of any organisation, football or otherwise, to have the failure of another as one of their goals or strategies.

The success of your own organisation does not mean the failure or death of another.

Anyone who thinks this is the case is very dangerous. That attitude means you gamble the security of yourself for the death of another.

No one is saying this is an ok situation. As the previous post said Celfic need to sort this out and sort it quick.

However we should all remember how all the actors have played in this. And those actors who performed wrong at usually those who start blaming everyone else.