To those who turned their back

The way some of our fans have turned on the club is truly vile

The hatred being expressed towards a successful club they claim to love is vile

I would expect none of these people to ever return to Celtic park

But that’s not what fairweather fans do….like all the sevco fans crawling out from under their rocks now… You all know them the guys who were “not really interested” for a decade..but now… Yea they rear their heads

Is that what some of our fans are?

They celebrated all the titles, they jumped for joy and waved their flags, 9 titles with the past 4 seasons as trebles.

One bad season and they have turned. Despicable, scummy behaviour.

Don’t kid yourself this is a one off because we will never have that level of domination again, the manager and the CEO will change. The manager is certainly the correct move and would have been done 6 weeks ago if you scumbags had behaved like adults and not spoiled brats.

The CEO will leave having been in control over the most dominant period in our history and the most dominant period of any Scottish football club.

You idiots think you have gotten your way, you haven’t, a similar vein person will take charge. Whether you morons want to see it or not Celtic is run successfully, they won’t change the formula.

And your wee business branch, The Celtic trust, acting as a front to get an unqualified moron in financial control, won’t work.

You people have dismissed the previous 9 years as irrelevant as we won’t win 10…well, going by your own standards, it won’t get better.

We will win again, we will regroup, you won’t like it though because it won’t be treble after treble and you see this as failure.

You also bring up Europe as your “measuring stick” with unrealistic expectations of how we should perform. You won’t like that either.

Your behaviour has, in part, caused this. Of course the club, players and external factors have also played their role, but idiots like you with unrealistic expectations and bratish behaviour, convinced because you won at FIFA and Football Manager, that you can run a football club, are also complicit.

How you have turned your back on your club disgusts me.

N.B. Cue the replies, about how am attention seeking and in need of help. Or maybe it’s being a sycophant or verbally abusive. I don’t know what part of “your opinions don’t matter” you find hard to understand. I do this for me and only me. I have dealt with bigger and harder, your are irrelevant to me but cause harm to Celtic which is why I am going nowhere.