Has the pressure been released a bit?

I have been pondering for a while with just what the fuck has caused talented and hard working footballers, those there for years and those brought in from a decent pedigree, to be so utterly error prone and lacking in confidence this season, so far.

I have come up with theories, of course I have I am an intelligent guy, that included aspects of injury, Covid non availability of players, no fans, postponement of games etc… All of these things are valid aspects, I believe.

One has hung over my mind for a while without being able to really grasp it as such. Not because I don’t understand it but because I had to let it simmer until the right time to articulate it.

It’s pressure.

Now it’s a high pressure job and you better be up to it. Our players have, especially the past 4 seasons, been up to it.

Every “Sevco are back” report and scream from the Ibrox terraces and Sevco TV station, accompanied with their media pals saying the same shite has then been followed by our players and management team stepping up and blowing every one away.

If things had gone as they usually do Celtic would have won 12th consecutive trophy, and 4th consecutive treble, in May.

We would have come into this season with that monkey off our back, with a happier and more settled camp going into the 10 season.

But that’s not the way it happened.

The pandemic and all of the factors around that ramped up, not only this season, but last season as we hadn’t finished it yet.

In essence we were the only one to still finish last season. Hearts had a pass given how much noise they made and how hard done by they felt.

The pressure was ramped up on us.

And I think it has played a huge role.

Now, there are some amount of dafties that read this blog, and take out exactly what they want to, however I will try again.

I am not dismissing or diminishing the impact the poor form and mistakes have had, I am saying that there may be, likely in fact that there are, reasons you, me, all of us don’t understand, at least not in full.

Not being a dafty, though, and not thinking I can run Celtic, I can see and admit that.

The reason it’s taken me so long to put this piece on is that I didn’t have any chance to see if the theory was a possibility, because the pressure has just grown and grown.

However on Sunday there seemed to be a release, at least some release, of that pressure, from the team and management, and the fans, well some of them.

No, again, it does not take away from the errors made during the game. Basic simple fucking mistakes, which are made under pressure, when pressure is felt.

Is that what this is about, not only that, but is that what has been happening.

Does not take away from the past few weeks no, still changes required, no one is denying that.

But you can say change is required and still feel that there are mitigating circumstances.

Neil Lennon and the team cam through Sunday as Quadruple treble winners. Given the pressure and stress they have felt this past few weeks and given how the game went, that alone is worthy of respect and accepting that this Celtic squad knows how to win.

Now the only way this can be confirmed is if we start to perform and make less mistakes. Not in one game, no, but in one game at a time.

We do that, and it proves we can come through pressure when it’s on.

Note that other teams fail at the first hint of pressure, same as previous seasons. That started last week for some.

It’s possible that, on Sunday past, our pressure eased a little.

Let’s see!!

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