Well, what can be said about yesterday?

Celtic know how to put you through the ringer don’t they.

There are two ways to look at the game yesterday.

The first is in isolation. That was cup final and another place in history.

We achieved it. As they say if ifs and buts were candy and nuts we would all have a merry Christmas and this Christmas Celtic have a 4th treble and this will never be achieved anywhere else again.

During the games yesterday there were individual errors in the second half that are hard to fathom and mist be sending the management team round the bend.

However even so, as with the League cup final last season, we came through it and won, that’s what winners do. They stand up and draw on their reserves, and succeed.

All the bluster about a “disrespectful” piece of skill in a cup final is deflection from pain that media Sevco employees are using to detract from an astounding achievement.

And the lack of enjoyment and downright disappointment from some Celtic fans is appalling, genuinely they wanted us to lose so they could batter the manager and board more to achieve their goal of financially controlling the club. It shows that they don’t have the club’s best interest at heart.

However that does lead me on to how you must look at things another way, in the context of the mistakes and form which had plagued these players for weeks.

Now I go back to the signings we made in the summer, whatever has happened you cannot say that we signed players that we should have known this was going to happen with, you can’t prepare for that. You can’t see it coming.

But now that it has the manager just manage it.

In the first half all seemed fine, confidence there, in control of the game. Then the second half?? One does have to wonder what was said at half time that caused that complete collapse of belief.

That does seem to be at the Manager’s door. Which is why the change should have been made, all it takes is one defeat, one goal and any confidence built up crumbles again.

Now we all know, or.we should, that the behaviour of a certain section of our support has some responsibility in this, I won’t stop saying it because it is true, for their own self-important reasons they have refused to support the club and team they say they love.

This lack of support and the violent and vitriolic behaviour has directly led to Neil Lennon not being relieved of duties last month.

I believe they would have been more confident in themselves had that change taken place.

Neil Lennon doesn’t seem to know how to re-instill that belief, that is where these mistakes are coming from.

These are not bad players, bad players collapse fully and lose on days like yesterday, Celtic players didn’t. They struggled yes… But they won.

Again Scott Brown has come in for some strong criticism but yesterday he was imperious in the first half. Then in the second he and Callum Mcgregor had to drop deeper than they had been to help protect the defence, which left space in midfield. All you FIFA and FM players should know that right? I mean you are all better managers than Neil Lennon aren’t you? So you seen that yea?

Then still having Scott Brown on the pitch it’s him that drives, after 105mins of his old legs which are “not up to it” and leaps for the header from which Griff scored. You all seen it right?

The issue this team has, that’s these players have is confidence.

That has been brought on by many things, no settled back four this season, 3 keepers, Hazard mistakes are basic but if a relationship is there with his defence you think they don’t happen.

These issues have been injuries, Covid and of course the management not getting it correct at times. That has caused that “perfect storm”.

That is not to say it can be ignored. It cannot and it has to be dealt with and I stand by that Neil Lennon does not seem to have the answers, although there has been some small improvement.

And maybe some personel changes in January could help. That’s a risk though.

What, again though, has appalled me is the attacking of a club and players and management within it that has won 12 out of 12 trophies by so called fans.

These fans regularly respind to me and tell me I am a “crackpot” and “deluded”… That the Ibrox mess are “miles ahead of us in every way”…. I am a “sycophant” all sorts of that shit.

And they can keep doing it, as far as I am concerned these people are incapable of understanding what it is I am saying and they fall into two categories, either they are Hundercover scum who are trying to sow discord at Celtic, and as I have said before if the fucking Russians do this on Social media to America it can certainly happen in a very basic level with this shower.

And the other is a far worse element of people who believe that are actually Celtic fans but are so entitled, and if Peter Lawwell did use that word towards them then he is spot on, and spoiled that they want, and believed they have a right to, financial control if the club.

These idiots shouldn’t be running on a treadmill never mind running a club, they are dangerous and think it’s like running your family Christmas budget. You need people who know what they are talking about and know what they are doing. These wankers don’t and their attitude towards the club at the moment shows they are selfish and spoiled.

They can’t even enjoy a Celtic team winning 12 out if 12 trophies. It’s their loss.

3 thoughts on “Well, what can be said about yesterday?

  1. Are you real? I can’t make out your purpose of this blog. I’ve been celebrating our historic victory today and been looking forward to reading some positive comments tonight, and what do I get? You… calling Celtic fans wankers, ffs get a grip. We all may disagree about certain aspects about how the club is run, and I personally, think that a CEO who has been at the club for 18 years has run out of ideas. That does not entitle me to call him a wanker. Quadruple treble winners is a fantastic achievement. Let’s leave it at that and be positive.


  2. That was a tough one to watch during the first 45 mins I thought we would score 4 or 5 and Eddie would walk off with the man of the match but what happened? The inability to perform for 90 mins resurfaced again. This is a managerial fault. I am sorry but the problem that has plagued us consistently thru this season lies solely at the door of the manager. I feel the team has a leadership problem and I don’t mean broony, Christie continues to give free kicks away in dangerous areas, players are not doing the simple things correctly it all seems to be a loose collection of players hoping to get there. My concern is that after winning 12trophies in a row we don’t look like winning any more for a while


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