When it sinks in

Did ye hear?

Sevco were put out of the League Cup by St MIrren.

Let that sink in.

Now it doesn’t detract from our poor form. I am not saying that. How we it does show that it is form.

They have been in form..we haven’t. That’s all that has happened this past few weeks.

Their first game after their thuggish player was fairly punished and they lose.

That is not a coincidence.

They have a decent first 11. They do not have strength in depth.

I said in a recent piece that we could smell the fear in them given that we may be turning the corner, well…..

And that is just one of them.

For all their media promotion and their fans bravado they are not a team of winners, their manager was a serial loser too, he could never handle it as a player over the course of a season, yes he had others around him that could help through cups but he is a bottler.

What has not been taken into account with this mob is that they have had so much help from referees and the authorities not punishing their Covid breaches that it has skewed the truth.

They are not the good team they are being made out to be.

We have a chance to win a 4th consecutive treble on Sunday, they have never won a trophy.

If you buy into the same club myth their current manager is the worst in their history, he has attempted to win 11 trophies and won none.

Let that sink in.

This is who they are. Losers.

We are in the midst of the most successful domestic dominance anywhere in the world, we know how to win. They don’t.

Looking back I wonder if the panty wetters in or support may feel a little foolish, however you have to have brains to realise you over reacted.

I have repeatedly said that this was all form and not the disastrous issue that so many were promoting and using for their own selfish aims. The possibility of that being correct is increasing daily.

Next step is Sunday and a 4th Treble.

Let that sink in

7 thoughts on “When it sinks in

    1. Mate who the fuck to you think you are? Same as I tell other wallopers if you don’t like what if write don’t fucking read it, if you don’t like the team you support them don’t fucking support either way go take a fuck to yourself


  1. They’ve had one bad result we’ve had 3 months worth.I hope your correct with your very early assumption that they have cracked but 28 matches unbeaten tells me different


    1. Your a halfwit, you have no concept of what has been said over the past few weeks and months. Its form, good form yes, but form nothing more. It happens in football…big you had any brains you would know that. My instinct is your a scum hun trying to say “but ra ranjurs arra best team in history” at the very least you are a wanker


      1. Your a wanker.Celtic da in waiting.More Celtic history and love for the team than you could ever imagine.a wee keyboard warrior with limited vocabulary and an even more limited ability to see that because you write a pishy blog that only the unfortunate have had the bad luck of stumbling upon that your never wrong.clown of the highest degree.your deluded and the very limited number of people who bother to read or reply to your shite must be waking you up to the fact.please take some of this onboard and not only will you be a better fan you will be a better person also.lol


  2. I’m sure if one thing, I was not the only celtic supporter who had a little chuckle on hearing the result from paisley, and I agree on the statement about form, but I still suggest that there has to be radical change in direction that needs to be made at CelticFc. The club needs to move to the next level, yes we fans are fickle but the club has to move with the times, a proper strategy to improve our performance in European competition’s, a director of football, not just a ceo who all powerful, a board who don’t just pat each others backs, but a board that’s regularly refreshed with new people and new ideas, if this isn’t possible then decline is inevitable.


  3. Big Jock Stein said years ago, that we should be judged on our performances in Europe.

    The present board seem obsessed with all this OF pish, and that beating the manky mob, is the be all, and end all.

    It isn’t. Nor should it be. What the PLC cannot get into their thick skulls, is that domestic success feeds off European success.

    They should also consider that we are not a continental club, with various other strings to their bow.

    The FOOTBALL club is the only game in town. Hail Hail.


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