The Fear is building

All through this past few weeks there has been a definate lack of gloating from Sevco fans. Not none, just not as much as one would expect.

Some put this down to them not kicking us when we were down… Bollocks of the highest order.

What it is, is a fear that nothing is finished and we are going to come storming back.

The LIlle game seemed, at the time, huge. It really did. And as we have moved towards the Kilmarnock game it seems even more so.

Not the result, in all practical terms to us it was meaningless, but the system, team selection and performance was MASSIVE.

Now, we need to move into the next step correctly and the comes down to the manager and his team.

He has to pick the correct team and system and build momentum from here on.

We just have to wait and see later. I am putting my faith in him.

But with this, as a possibility, the Sevco trolls are out…this walloper for example….

A Sevco Tory, big surprise, trying to be clever when he is just a bell end.

And Drew McIntyre of the WWE….

Big Drew needs to stop sniffing the roids, he feels the fear as if Triple H is stalking him with a Pedigree lined up. Pedigree being an apt word, in that Celtic have it and Sevco don’t.

We are habitual winners, Sevco have never won a major trophy.

You can smell their fear.

This talk of “invincibles” is what they need to keep their belief, in fact they will have to go invincible to win it.

They have a horrendous fixture pile up coming, same as we have had to a degree this first half of the season, and they have had no real injuries or players unavailable, that we have had to deal with this first part of the season.

It will come for them.

Their belief is, in part, being built by Celtic fans who are agreeing they won’t lose a game.

They will, more than one.

They know this deep down. If you like a wee flutter on football, start getting a wee 5er or 10er on them to drop points. It’s coming.

Their fear about this is palpable, they know they are one result away from crisis.

They lose, we win, it’s 10 with 2 games in hand and 3 games against them.

This is far from over.

This is about Celtic and what we do..if we get a grip, if Neil Lennon gets a grip, and picks players that performed for him in previous games then the fear in them will deepen.

The fear is what gets you in the end.

6 thoughts on “The Fear is building

  1. This article is embarrassing. If you can’t see that Rangers are a mile ahead in every way your deluded. Beating a team in Europe who had nothing to play for proves nothing. It is shaping up to be a historic season for Rangers whether we like it or not.


    1. You are a fuckwit and not capable of understanding what I actually said… You are either Hundercover scumbag or a spoiled brat who doesn’t know the first thing about football and should fuck off and leave me alone


  2. I’ve expressed this opinion elsewhere. My concern is this general assumption, not just from the Celtic family blog, but many others that the Huns will have a bad spell. Whether that’s a run of games they lose or draw, injuries to key players or even losing players and points due to COVID. As much as I want it to happen, there is absolutely no guarantee it will happen.

    Also on the flip side we need to go an absolutely fantastic run of winning games, including our 2 in hand and beating them 3 times, all while hoping our key players stay fit and on form. Unfortunately Gerrard had had Lennons number the last 3 SEVCO games including the league cup final which we only one because of Forster.

    Also the longer fans aren’t at games helps them as Tavernier and the rest have admitted they can’t handle the pressure of big crowds. Whilst today at the AGM, Lennon was again complaining that Celtic have been hampered by no fans. Obviously this is true, but it’s his job to deal with the situation instead of crying to the media and hoping that Nicola Sturgeon will be sympathetic and allow them to come back

    We both agree that Lennon needs replaced now. Going by the AGM I think it would take having to lose 10 goals at Ibrox in January and even then I would have little faith in Lawwell to do the right thing.

    You may cover the AGM in your next blog and I look forward to it and will make a comment. I’ll just say for now the least our majority shareholder could do is attend instead of sending his son like he’s Donald Trump complaining about voter fraud.


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