We are Celtic, time to show it

Couldn’t watch that game this morning. Was in bed for work this morning.

By all accounts we were miles and miles better, better shape, players performing with intensity and passion.

Now I do not believe guys like Scott Brown or Odsonne Eduoard have lost that but their heads are down and in the case of Scott Brown he may have lost the yard required.

That it has taken this long for things to be changed by the manager is very questionable however has he maybe done it, albeit fortunately, at exactly the right time? We’ll see.

There are a couple of things required now at the club, at Lennoxtown the senior squad members, led by Brown, must rally now, encourage and support Turnbull, Soro and Hazard. Show everyone this is a team and they are in it together.

Neil Lennon must now make it clear that those three places are these guys to lose. No fucking about. They stepped up when needed and they have earned a run.

Good to note that Ismail Soro, at only 22, isn’t the “waste of money” all the Lawwell haters have been saying though.

Also good to note that Shane Duffy looked more composed next to big Julienne, I said a while back that a lot of responsibility and blame was being put at Duffy when our defence had been ravaged, something in that? Again we’ll see.

There is a long way to go in this title and we can, and should, focus on that after the cup final next week.

First we need to go into the league in Sunday and lay down a marker, pick up the second win in a row and start the momentum, if we can then win the cup and move forward we are well capable of winning 10IAR.

Already you can smell a bit if fear coming from Sevco fans, this tit for one

He is trying to deflect that we might be, I say might be, coming back into form, and even the thought of that scares him.

January is going to be a HUGE month in this season now. However we need to concentrate on December first.

This could be a turning point.

If we are to make it so we need to be together, the team yes, but fans too, let’s get behind the team now. All of us. Don’t scream and wail, abuse and be aggressive. Stand side by side.

Remember we, all of us, are Celtic.

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