Sometimes it’s not as bad as it seems

So some of you may know that I try to bring facts into what I write. Not opinions but things that can be evidenced.

Stats are used a lot in football, a stat used recently is that we have won one game in 12. Correct, provable.

But as with all stats and facts looking from that from a different perspective gives you a different view, well to those with any decent level of intelligence anyway.

During this run of 12 we have lost 1 league game and drawn 2 league games.

That, too, is provable. It is a fact.

Consider that of those 12 games only 4 are league games (remember we beat Motherwell 4-1), if that’s when you are gonna lose form then it’s better that when you have a run on 5 or 6 League games in it

Now taking that on its own, for the moment, it’s not as bad as some have been making out. Yes we are behind in the title race but we still have games in hand and, assuming we turn the corner, it’s in our own hands.

What we cannot do is keep looking at other teams and this is where I think that panic is coming from. Sevco haven’t lost domestically yet and some of our fans are more worried about that than us, if we get form back and win our games we win the league.

Now one must consider other things, the team are not playing well and, right or wrong, that falls on the manager. It is how football works.

The manager has no way back in in my opinion, he and the team could win the next 10 games, then draw one, and the reaction would start again. That is why it needs to change.

In the current run we have lost a domestic cup game, the first in 3 years. This was always gonna happen sooner or later. It is being used by those who are demanding change as proof that we are regressing, now that is a matter of opinion it is not a fact, we are not playing well no, but to say everything has regressed, no, players do not become bad overnight. There are issues but they have not become worse players.

That domestic cup run implied we were always strolling about and winning comfortably, this was not the case. We struggled in a lot of those cup ties and barely scraped through at times but our confidence and believe was high and that helped. As did having fans on side. All of those are issues now. All of them.

What cup tie would you prefer to lose, the Ross County league cup tie or the Scottish cup final?

Yes of course, because I hear the shouting, we could lose both. But given the choice?

Remember, in football you lose games and cup ties, you don’t win every trophy. Some of our fans don’t understand that.

Our performances have not been good, no one denies it, but when you consider as much as you can you can see, unless you are an idiot, that there has been an over reaction.

There will be changes in January it seems, will the manager be part of that? I don’t know. I think he should given the vitriol that has been spouted.

However no matter who is in charge I, for one, will support my team.

I will point out their good and bad points but I will support them, I am a fan.

I will not hope for their defeat because I want a specific outcome, I will not give up on them and believe they can turn the corner.

I won’t use racism, like some have down with Odsonne Eduoard, to have a got at his “love for the team”… This is his job you fucking simpletons not his life. Using that cause to spout your hateful feelings is shameful.

Sometimes in life you need to take stick and ask “are things as bad as I am making out?”

4 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s not as bad as it seems

  1. Well said Peter👏👏Classic gaslighting.

    So only highly intelligent people can be objective enough to form an opinion other than that this run of results isn’t that bad? Are you saying the stats don’t show a sharp decline in performance and results indicators? Are you saying stats aren’t facts? Are you really an adult and not a 14 year old wee dick with his mummy’s iPad?

    There is no regression it’s just a “blip”
    You’re correct! The quality players, management and coaching staff that have left the club have been replaced with people of equal quality. No regression here. Move along.🤡

    Slaver, slaver, slaver as per usual. It’s this mind set that let the tories in the boardroom treat the support like shite year on year. Lap it up happy clapper and see what happens. Blind arrogance coupled with your ignorance is a toxic combination.

    We all support the team and always will but you don’t support those con men in the boardroom, especially when they are engineering a massive downsizing project after millions and millions have been pumped in annually by the support. Most of whom are working class and pay to take their whole family. That is the Celtic Family!!You should be ashamed to call this pish blog that.

    There has been no over reaction. The reaction to this shambles would be far worse if fans were in the ground. Think about that you tit.

    You are about in tune with the support as the boardroom. Give it up, you’ll never get a job within the clubs media dept.
    Clownshoe 🤡🤡🤡🤡


  2. First my apologies, I won’t be using stats in this post, just an opinion, the question asked was is it really that bad? The answer I’m afraid is yes. It’s not just the fact of 2 wins in 12 it’s the fact that Neil Lennon doesn’t have his own backroom team, but one given to him by the board, the effect of this leaves him without a sounding board to think and discuss solutions. Our ceo fancies himself as a director of football, which impacts available players, all this means that the team and club is entering a downward trajectory which even with covid could’ve been avoided by having a board that had ambition and not one that is more concerned with disco lights.


  3. You are right 100%.
    The board have given us a possibility of 4 quadruples and 9 in a rowin a row which will never happen again but they are supposed to be shit. The entitled will never understand the meaning of how to support your football team. What happened to win, lose or draw we will always follow you unless we start get slagged and we cannot take it and everybody can’t do their job properly.


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