It has to be done. Today

I defend the board on this blog.

I stand by every thing I said when I have defended them

This is to the chagrin if certain fans and readers. Don’t care.

However those who have been able to take notice of things will have understood that I have repeatedly said the Neil Lennon’s time is up and has been for a couple of weeks.

After the week ending with Ross county I said that any further failure to act by the the board would make them culpable in any future fuck ups.

The behavior of the GB and fans at Celtic park after Ross County gave the board no other choice than to give Neil Lennon Milan game, that was the fault of the fans, DD was ready to swing the axe but couldn’t after that.

After Milan I thought it would come but did understand that the next domestic game could be considered after what had happened.

Now. No. No excuses. On this issue now their is no defence.

To make it clear for idiots, I still say out board have been successful and hugely instrumental in the recent success and I am not promoting they should be sacked and a huge change take place in the boardroom

However Neil Lennon must be released..Today.

Every day he is in the job now is reducing the chances of 10IAR, which are now less than 50%, I do not buy into it all being over yet, football can change very quickly and with half a season left it can be turned around.

It will not happen with the current football management team.

The why’s and how’s this has happened are, at the moment, irrelevant.

Change in football can make huge impact immediately, we have all seen it.

So it can be done.

But any later than now and it will be too late.

Change now. Now. Now

One thought on “It has to be done. Today

  1. Said it months ago along with others and we were branded idiots, dimwits entitled bastards and green brigade fan boys by you, the dotard.

    How’s that working out for you moron?



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