A club playing in Blue, steeped in Orange… getting away with it again?

As you know I believe that the Celtic board, and Peter Lawwell in particular, come in for unfair criticism at times. Especially when it about success and how the team is performing.

I don’t believe that those criticising, in that context, know the first thing about it and how a football club works.

However I have always said that there is, and quite rightly, a question and full answer to be expected and demanded regarding RES 12, which is now RES 11.

Recently it has become a more prescient issue given this excellent piece by Phil Macghiollabhain. Which confirms what a lot of us have suspected for a while that Sevco were not meeting the tax obligations.

James’s piece in The Celtic blog which expands on its ramifications is also excellent.

And James is correct on this.

If we do lose the title to this team, again being funded, not only unfairly but illegally, then everything that has been achieved by Celtic in this past decade will be forever tainted for the Celtic fans.

Many of us, since 2012 and the despicable 5 way agreement, saw this coming.

Make no mistake this is a possibility. I have confidence that the football will do the talking over the season and it won’t happen but given how the finances at Sevco are run and ignored by every figure and group of authority in Scottish football then it would be naieve to say it is impossible.

We have always watched this despicable club’s financial behaviour since then and we have been shouting it from the rooftops yet nothing has been done about it.

And while you expect that from authorities that are clearly corrupt you must expect more from our own club.

The argument that is made regarding shareholders at Celtic being de-frauded and not protected and advocated for, on this subject, is a pertinent one.

It is one, that if this is allowed to happen again, that both Peter Lawwell and Dermot Desmond may find themselves having to answer in court.

That is not something I say lightly but shareholder’s expect the board and it’s members to protect and advocate for their financial interest and if the club do not advocate for them, as is their legal responsibility, then they have the right to take it to court.

It is time, on this issue, that our board and Peter Lawwell stepped up.

We cannot allow a club playing in Blue, steeped in Orange, playing from Ibrox to get away with this again.

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