Sometimes you see yourself in others

Gordon Strachan was a phone guest of Sportsound on Friday night, along with the tax cheat Alex McLeish, while they fawned over McLeish, how he deserves credit for his part in Scotland qualifying for the Euro’s, yes you read that correctly, while they were doing that wee Strachan made an excellent point that was missed.

He talks about how Steve Clarke stuck with his plan and vision for Scotland and worked at getting the players to play the system he wants.

How, in the beginning, after the McLeish debacle, when the fans were screaming he wasn’t good enough because they didn’t agree with the tactics, that he, being a football manager and knowing a shite sight more about it, stuck by his plan and tactics and worked with the players.

And he, Steve Clarke, the football man, has been proved correct.

Now this reminds me of the recent issue with Neil Lennon, how dinwits in the Celtic support think they know more about football than the Celtic manager.

The other thing that Gordon Strachan said that struck a chord, remember this is from a died in the wool football man who knows the game, especially tactics, was that there is a snobbery about how the game, and goals, need to be scored, by passing through the thirds of the pitch and getting in behind a defence and scoring the beautiful goal.

However what Scotland are being given credit for, and rightly so, now is that they have a striker that can hold the ball up and bring the midfield, especially the attacking midfielders into play and cause problems and score goals.

Lyndon Dykes was outstanding at this on Thursday. Holding up the long ball and making the right choices.

In connection to this I see all the soiled brats having a go because we didn’t sign Dykes, now imagine if we had paid 2m to Livingston for dykes,.we would have had these same idiots going about “only buying Livingston players” and bringing up the biscuit tin.

But now….they see more about the game, perhaps they have learned something? Perhaps they see ourselves to some degree.

Perhaps they maybe see that football is not, and cannot be, the perfect game, you don’t get it all your own way, like Serbia didn’t against Scotland, another thing that wee Gordon pointed out.

Now I don’t hold out much hope for this being an epiphany to these clowns, oh the old “international and club football are different” excuse will used as will “such an important season” but the game is the game.

We have already had some utter dinwits having a go at our players for being “successful” with Scotland and not caring about Celtic as they seem to think the title is gone.

Look at this fucking idiot and how he sees it, assuming he is actually a Celtic fan, which I question, then he isn’t welcome and should quickly and quietly fuck off.

There is an issue with this group of fans though, oh yes they are spoiled cunts, but it’s more, they want, they need, to have their “Celts for change” moment.

But that’s for a later entry.

What needs to happen now, from these fans, is they need to see our club and team in others.

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