Who do you want in the CEO role and why would they be better?

Lets put Neil Lennon to one side for a moment.

The Peter Lawwell jealous brigade are out in force with their blog leaders, getting the click bait up and making their money, getting them frothed at the mouth, to give them a living wage and pay back their student loans for the media degree.

What they like to point out, like all jealous spoiled brats, is what they see as the errors and the mistakes. Deals that fell through because these fans didn’t think PL offered enough money.

Or why they won’t haul the SFA and SPFL through the courts and in the media, making a mockery of the club and the game, because of referees.

Now let me say, as those people I am talking about are spoiled and stupid children, that referees do deliberately make decisions against us but it’s impossible to prove and it would only ever go to CAS at the most who would never take it. So what would be the point.

Other things have come up of course and at the time they are issues but in any walk of life as an adult, which is not how these fans see it as they are looking at it as spoiled brats, you must choose your battles carefully.

Arguing about where a game is to be played, when it makes no real fucking difference, is pointless in the grand scheme of things.

But, as I say they like to throw all of these things at Peter Lawwell.

The one thing were I happen to agree with them, although in a far more intelligent and mature way, is RES 12. That is an issue, I am sure he has his reasons for ignoring it. I actually think I know what they are and if I am correct I would tell him, if I ever met him, that those reasons are not justified and he should be shouting it down and getting it sorted. I agree with the RES 12 issues.

However if you are going to discuss how anyone has performed in a role you must take both sides of the performance. Now these brats don’t see it that way, children rarely do, but they have to be told.

So here it is. In facts and figures. Things that cannot be disputed. Facts that, even children, would agree with.

Peter Lawwell was appointed in his current position, albeit a different title, in September 2003.

Since then the financial success of the club in both marketing and player sales has grown exponentially..all of Celtic’s accounts are a matter of public record..have a look.

His first major appointment was replacing Martin O’Neill as manager, he was instructed, I repeat instructed, by Dermot Desmond to find a manager who can win us the title and get us into the Champions league Group stages while cutting the wage bill for the football department by 50-60%. He appointed Gordon Strachan and got deals over the line for decent players

If you recall this same group of fans had it in for GS too. We got off to a bad start, how fucking dare he, but went on to win 3 in a row, the first time since Jock Stein. No credit for PL there.

He than appointed Tony Mowbray, that turned out to be a disaster however no one could have known that at the time, fans were happy at it, same as signing a player it just doesn’t work sometimes.

Then Neil Lennon, everybody accepts that was correct then. He was successful.

Bit still no credit for PL?

Then the financial doping and cheating of our rivals caught up with them, the Celtic board always knew what was going on but the couldn’t say as it would twisted as sour grapes.

Now when that happened there was a financial impact on Celtic, you may not want to admit it but there was. The football in this country is run for and towards Ibrox, so them becoming Sevco and stating again did impact Celtic.

Peter Lawwell’s role includes, some would say it’s main purpose, is to ensure the financial security and stability of the club now and in the future.

At the point of Sevco he had to do this, we were expected to win the league, we did, people forget that, Ronny Deila won the title twice. We were cheated out of a treble and while not great against Sevco in a semi final we were unfortunate. That’s football.

What happened was the press made these brats believe that anything less than a treble was failure. Which is a disgusting point of view. And now.we achieve trebles every year we are told they don’t mean anything.

Anyway after this when Sevco returned to the Premiership we needed a name, he got one, put aside how he left us, that was a name and he was successful, a package put together for him, this involved Peter Lawwell you know.

Now lots has been said about the relationship between PL and that manager but both have their sides of the story.

Again, part of the CEO role is to ensure financial stability, not just success, stability, it’s a different thing.

So pitching 55k a week mediocre Italians was never gonna happen and that manager and his scouts knew that.

On to Neil Lennon..he was not my choice. And it seems to have been a mistake but, again, could he have known that….KNOWN, not guessed, I did not foresee any of this happening, and anyone who says they did is a liar. We felt there were better options sure, but not this, this cannot be laid at the door of the CEO.

Now I have only briefly mentioned probably the most important man in all of this and it’s Dermot Desmond. A very intelligent, if slightly eccentric, man and hugely successful to boot.

He doesn’t seem to think the CEO is doing that bad a job, ah “but” I hear you cry “we want him gone too” because he doesn’t throw all our and his money at us so he doesn’t care. And if that IS what you think then you are a child.

I will point out the major issue in this again, jealousy.

These brats, like many children, see what others have and think “I want that cos I care more about it”.

So they want the job, they think they could do it. They fucking couldn’t.

They think he gets too much money, his financial package is bang on for a football club our size and success. You take any CEO from England and you pay more, a damn sight more.

But you, you won’t take a penny, you will do it for free won’t you? But then you will also kill the club, ah but at least kill it with love. Still dead though.

In the 17 years Peter Lawwell has been in his roles Celtic have won:

13 League titles

8 Scottish cups

7 League cups

Including 3 trebles in a row so far

8 Champions league Group stages or further

He has secured, as is part of his job, the financial security and stability (different things) of the club.

On top of this he has prominent roles, and as such so do the club, in Scottish, European and world football. I know some of you think we should run all of these but that’s not how life works.

Now if you don’t like Peter Lawwell because you think he is an arsehole.or because of his heated driveway or because he earns too much more than or he pumped someone you know or even if you are just plain jealous of him, you have that right, he won’t give a shit, but you fill your boots.

What you cannot say without retort is that he is bad at his job or has been bad for the club because this is demonstrably not true. Facts don’t back up him being a failure. No one in any job, ever, has been a 100% success.

And if you are going to lay all of the problems at the club on his heated driveway then you must be prepared to lay the successes there too.

In changing the manager we can usually say we have someone in mind who would be better. Feel free to tweet me any name you think would have been and would be better in the role than Peter Lawwell.