Celtic must ensure Sevco are punished

So finally a story has broken that Sevco players have flouted Covid rules.

This has been happening for months. They were allowed to play in a friendly when the entire team had no test results.

Compare that to our players being told to isolate even though they followed rules on Scotland duty when Stuart Armstrong gave a positive test.

We are being punished at every possible opportunity, with “precaution” used as the reasoning.

Whereas this despicable club are being allowed to break and flout rules weekly. This is a direct attempt to hinder Celtic’s 10IAR attempt and it involves the Scottish government.

They stepped in with Celtic, will they with Sevco?

Jordan Jones and George Edmondson were not the only players at this party. It was at Scott Arfield’s house for his birthday, according to reports, and there were at least another 4 Sevco first teamers there.

They are trying to make sure their first team choices are available. They know we are kicking into gear and they cannot afford to lose any players as their squad is not good.

It is also nonsense that these two didn’t turn up for training. They did so anyone they met should also be isolated.

Take the football issue out of it for a second, they are telling kids who support this disgusting club that they can’t see family but their heroes (yes I know) can do what they want.

Sevco have been fined by UEFA because their Covid protocols were not followed against Galatasaray, so how can the SFA, SPFL and Scottish Government acclaim them?

As all of you know I think the criticism levelled at Peter Lawwell and the club is unfair but if Sevco are not hit, at least as hard as Celtic, then the club must look for answers and legal options must be considered.

We must not allow this to go unpunished.

10 thoughts on “Celtic must ensure Sevco are punished

  1. Rangers should get what celtic got lm st mirren fan there no different to any other clubs in Scotland they got off with 2012 are they getting any punishment this time probably not


      1. Riddled with lies and it’s embarrassing

        You do tend to forget there are humans sitting behind your fantasy obsession.

        Get out your mothers spare room and get yourself a proper life.


      2. If you were capable of understanding what I have written then you would see that I have presented enough anecdotal and circumstancial examples. I am not doing this to make friends..I could not give the first fuck about being nice. I will call it as I see it. You think your wee insults affect me, they don’t. My life is fucking awesome, I live, study and work in Australia, so, again, keep it coming, you aren’t clever enough to affect me.


    1. What part of “go fuck yeresl” don’t u get ya sweaty, greaseball, john mccrirrick looking, virgin fuckwit… I would say I missed our repartee but I missed you like my last dose of the runs…. Now, again, you stupid, stupid boy….fuck off


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