Why even Liam Neeson could get points “Taken” off Celtic

Albian Ajeti deal is done. Another 5m pound investment. The gesture is strong. A deal for Shane Duffy seems to be closing in too and we are being linked again with Patrick Roberts.

Is this a reaction to the unfairness of the punishment we had receive for COVID protocol breach that the club could do nothing about? Not sure because we have been chasing before these players before that.

However moves are afoot to deduct points from Celtic, my understanding is that there has been a threat of double digit deduction and that Celtic, appalled that they have been punished as hard as they have but willing to take it, have advised that any further punishment will result in legal action. And Celtic don’t lose against the Football authorities in court. Remember Jim Farry!!

Maybe they should see if Liam Neeson is “Taken” (see what I did there?) with the idea of helping them catch Celtic instead of his kidnapped daughters, as some tit of a Sevco fan thought he took down Barings, confusing him with Nick Leeson.

Listen to it, if you can find it as they seem to have taken it down, he says it, questions it, then affirms he is right. What a bell-end.

What this idiot is masking with his stupidity is that there is a movement to have points docked from us.

Using the example that authorites can retrospectively punish players after games.

Firstly this is the SFA and is a football rule designed to bail out “honest mistakes” made by incompetent or bent referees. It has can never be applied to the business side of the game. Which this is about. Corporate responsibility.

Celtic have accepted corporate responsibility for this, which means that they must be dealt with under company law. They have managed the culprit internally and that is all they can do. The SPFL, not the SFA, is the company involved and they cannot ask Celtic to do any more. If they are seen as failing in the corporate responsibility they may be fined or have income reduced another way, but a points deduction? No rule exists. There is no rule in place that would allow any further punishment for this. End of discussion.

Now it is expected, as it should have been done weeks ago, that specific punsihmehts will be put in place for future breaches, quite right. These punsihmehts will include points deductions. Quite right.

These cannot be retrospectively applied. It is not possible under Business law, as they would be new rules and regulations, not applicable when the infringement took place.

However as we are dealing with such a deluded set of people, let’s go into that delusion and assume they could be applied retrospectively, it would mean that ALL organisations who braved protocol would have to be punshed in the same manner, oooops.

This boils down to the fact that the Govt, SPFL and everyone outside of Celtic have taken a chance here to try help Sevco. It’s that simple.

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