Here we go 10IAR, and the reasons why

So the season is underway. Sevco get their win, of course this makes them the bestest team in the whole wide world, the obligatory red card for their opponents of course but also maybe that strip has made them winners after all????

Anyway we don’t have to worry about them, as Phil Macgiollabian says Celtic’s biggest threat in the league is Celtic.

We have no excuses if we do not win this title, none.

We are better in all departments, let no one tell you different, not one of their players would oust any of ours, possibly one or two would get on our bench but that’s it.

We have a more experienced and better manger, whose tactical ability utterly dwarfs their manager. There is no comparison there.

If we do struggle for any reason in this title we have until early October, then January, to flex our financial muscle, their press fanboys are trying to convince everyone they will have Morelos money to spend but they won’t, as they owe it out and they won’t get the “expected bid” anyway. Did you notice how Slippy was talking him up earlier? “oh isn’t he just woooonderful” pathetic attempt at promotion and also covering his arse if he is sold, “I told you he was great that’s why we lost the league”.

All of that is pertinent but there are basic things that should and, I believe, will happen in the league that will make 10IAR.

Celtic will win 30 games. Our current squad is too consistent, we rarely drop points, that is constantly overlooked, when we do drop points it’s such a big things u, because it doesn’t happen often.

That consistency is shown in cup competitions too, it proves its no fluke, no loss in any domestic cup in 4 seasons, that is astounding. No replays and one extra time. Extraordinary. But it’s overlooked.

Now putting the cups aside if we match even basic seasons we have had recently we will win, and so we should, 30 games. 90pts. Let’s say 3 draws and four losses, that’s 93 points.

Sevco don’t have that in them. The aren’t good or consistent enough and they have not added the quality to reach that. They just don’t have that target in them.

Now like last year they might have their wee turns were it looks as if its on but as in previous seasons if Celtic go on an 8-10 game unbeaten run, even once, then it blows then apart. They can blame Dubai all they want, they just don’t have the consistency.

Now pressure is on in a big way this season which, perversely, could mean no fans being a benefit to us, especially at the start of the season, no stupid groans at lost goals and the odd mistake. We do have that group of fans who don’t believe we should ever lose goals never mind games.

The pressure applied to them too and given recent history who would you bank on handling it?

One slip and they crumble, I believe that, and I believe their very existence is at risk, they have gambled all they have for four years, after returning as a new club to the Premiership, to stop 10IAR. When it doesn’t happen they die.

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